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Water—Due to its moderate dynamics, water is the optimal medium for inexperienced sorcerers to learn to channel the Power. As with the other elements, any concentration or manifestation of water can be used as a source of magical energy. However, it is best to start by drawing from water veins, preferably from their intersections—the most widespread Places of Power. Easily detectable by even the least experienced adepts, and isolated from most external influences, intersections are a relatively safe source of the Power. In time, a sorcerer will be able to learn how to draw energy from the many variable and mercurial manifestations of the element of water—for a calm lake requires a different approach than a rapidly flowing stream. The sea, on account of its dynamism, is a particularly troublesome source. Despite its vast stores of energy, drawing upon it is best left to more experienced sorcerers.
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- The World of the Witcher

Water is one of the four elements. Mastery over water can be acquired from the magical energy of intersections. Marides are elemental genies of water who inhabit a different dimension and wield power over elements such as rain and wind.

Invocations and spells

For the full list of Water-based abilities, see Category:Water magic.


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