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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the creature. For the similarly named weapon, see Weeper (sword).

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On the eve of Saovine small Kolgrim was kidnapped by a weeper,[N 1] which replaced him with its own cursed offspring. Fortunately, the monster was slaughtered by a witcher that very same night.
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- Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Weepers,[2] also known as fairies,[3] are mischievous creatures that kidnap human children and replace them with their own offspring.


Two weepers lurking on Belleteyn.

Physical description[]

Weepers are of slender humanoidal shape with exception of skin-covered, hairless tails. They have all-black, wet eyes that appear to weep. Known weepers have black hair, with grass-like antennae protruding from their heads.[1]


Weepers are sapient enough to communicate in Common Speech and presumably other languages. They lust for humanoids on Belleteyn.[1]

On Saovine Eve, fairies kidnap little human children.[3][2] Unlike some nymphs or antherions, who abduct female members of other races in order to secure their dwindling numbers or as the only way of species survival,[4][5] the reason for child abduction by weepers are unknown. In exchange, they put their own offspring in place of the stolen human child.[3][2][6] Such changelings can often appear human at first, leading mothers to care for them as they would for their own,[6] which may be the way in which weepers learn Common.[1]


  1. Incorrectly translated as mamune in 6.2 version of the game. The novel treats weepers and mamunes as separate species, and mamunes are not described to kidnap children.