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What Was This About Again? is a treasure hunt quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.

Objectives Edit

Journal entry Edit

While strolling the banks of the Sansretour, Geralt came upon a riverboat. Within it, he found the remains of its captain. The old salt had not parted with his ship's log, even in death. His curiosity piqued, the witcher proceeded to look through the mariner's notes...
Geralt thus learned the boat's story, including how it had run aground. But that was not all, no, that was not all! A shaelmaar had played a part in the boat's demise. The monster could still be prowling about. In his ship's log, the captain also mentioned a casket brimming with jewels. The witcher resolved to kill the beast and find the treasure!
All shaelmaars are demanding foes, and this one proved no different. Yet in his time Geralt had bested beasts far more ferocious. So he first gutted the monster, then found the chest full of precious stones.
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