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White Orchard is a region and village located in Temeria famous for its fruit orchards, whose boughs burst out white blossoms come spring. The Ismena river flows through the village and continues north.

After the Battle of White Orchard, the village lost its independence and was annexed by Nilfgaard.

There is a Nilfgaardian Garrison headquartered in the northwest point of the region near the mouth of the river that, in 1272, was controlled by Captain Peter Saar Gwynleve. In addition to the merchants listed below there are also six Places of Power. Two are for Quen and one for each of the other four signs.

Developer comments[]

The game begins near a small Temerian village, in surroundings which at first glance seem almost idyllic. Clear skies abound and the orchards' trees are bursting with white flowers. It takes a moment to notice the tell-tale signs of war: collapsed roofs, turned-over carts littering the roadside, and abandoned possessions strewn about neglected farmyards. This juxtaposition of a warm, sunny spring and a landscape rife with destruction and conflict lends color and credence to the game's atmosphere. In this land, as is often the case in reality, war continues to upend human lives no matter the weather or the time of year.

Notable People[]