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A female navigator opening a portal

The Navigators were powerful Aen Elle mages who had the ability to manipulate time and space and to open portals between different worlds.


In the past, the Aen Elle warriors better known as the Dearg Ruadhri, or the Wild Hunt, forced the Unicorns to open portals to other worlds since they were the only one with this special power. The Red Riders then travelled between dimensions and invaded other worlds, slaughtering and enslaving the local populations. The unicorns eventually rebelled, leaving the Aen Elle and the Red Riders stuck in their home world with no means of easily travelling to others to collect more human slaves.

The elves immediately started looking for another way to travel between the worlds. Avallac'h managed in this task: after years of experiments and pairings between the powerful elves, his project gave birth to Caranthir Ar-Feiniel, his "Golden Child."

Caranthir's exceptional time and space manipulation abilities made him the primary navigator of the Wild Hunt, easily able to transport them beyond their home world.

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