Wild Hunt investigator's notes is a book that contains notes from years of research into Wild Hunt. It is found in the dwarven catacombs in Vergen (on a corpse with candles lit near it, behind the breakable wall)


Notes of a Hunt researcher
I spent all my life researching the Wild Hunt and without false modesty I can say I read everything that exists on the subject. Furthermore, I saw the wraith gallopade with my own eyes three times. I managed to perform quick measurements on the second and third sighting and I actually examined the observational material in detail. Based on my knowledge and experience I came to a crushing conclusion: I am certain that there is a terrifying, alien force behind the hunt. A mind completely mad, yet still a mind, not pure chaos. I firmly note that the wraith raiders are someone's or something's, emissaries and their deeds are governed by a Plan.



To get the most out of the book, Geralt needs to discuss it with either Master Myron or Cynthia after he acquires it:

  • The author of this book is Morten Collis.
  • The Hunt is not necessarily the omen of war. It may be pure coincidence: the Hunt always arrives in winter, and most campaigns begin in spring.
  • The Hunt moves from North to South because the cavalcade slips into the world at the North Pole.
  • The Hunts appears when the Orkan Nebula is in the Eastern sky.
  • Collis favours the slave theory of the Hunt.
  • Mages refuse to speak of the wild hunt because it's connected with forbidden mind magic (impedes mental function).
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