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Willis had been the local armorer of White Orchard for 50 years when one night, in 1272, an unknown arsonist burned his workshop down.

Biography[edit | edit source]

When Temeria fell and Nilfgaardian soldiers began to occupy White Orchard, Willis treated them like any other customer, taking any work they gave him as long as they gave him the necessary supplies for it. Having no strong loyalty feelings for one side or the other, many of the locals began to despise the dwarf, incorrectly believing he was profiting off their misery and soon culminated into his workshop being burned down.

If Geralt helps him out: Willis offered what little he had left if the witcher could help him find the arsonist and bring him to justice.

If Geralt takes Napp's bribe: Unfortunately for Willis, Geralt couldn't find the culprit.
If Geralt turns in Napp: Willis berated Napp, whose late mother the armorer never charged for his services. Having gotten fed up with the locals, he then called over the Nilfgaardians to turn Napp in and who was summarily hung for his crimes. However, this deepened the rift between the locals so much that they began to travel half a day's ride to another armorer to have work done, even though the other armorer did shoddy work.

Associated Quest[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • On returning to White Orchard after going to Vizima, Willis' forge will be rebuilt.
  • If Napp was turned in, Geralt can warn Willis that if the Nilfgaardians move out, he should follow after them due to his role in Napp's death.
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