In the Witcher universe, witches are distinguished from both witchers and sorceresses. They tend to be "wise-women" or healers and are usually, but not exclusively old women, even hags.

Traditional definitions

  • Sorceress: A sorceress is a female that normally practices Black Magic. They are not all necessarily ugly, unlike the hag.
  • Enchantress: A normally seductive female, enchantresses normally use their magic and body to seduce men for their own needs. They are averagely very selfish, and can go to whatever length to get what is desired, even if it's just the man.
  • Hag: Much like the stereotypical evil witch, hags normally have long, pointed noses and claws with greenish-gray skin. Many are known to eat children and raw liver, living within dark, secluded caves or forests. They possess archaic dark magic skills, normally more powerful than a sorceress.
  • Wise-woman: Like the hag, wise-women are very old, but do not all have pointed noses and sharp claws. They normally look like average elder women, and can even be of other human/humanoid races. Many are known to be master seers, miraculous advisors, and fantastic healers of magic. They are normally not evil.

The Witcher

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • The Crones of Crookback Bog, otherwise known as the Ladies of the Wood, are three relict witch sisters who may take on the form of beautiful women.
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