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Witcher Senses are a gameplay mechanic introduced in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; when activated, Geralt focuses his superhuman senses to see clues and tracks that no ordinary human can. In the game, Witcher Senses highlight interactive objects in red, and highlights objects that have already been examined yellow.

Witcher Senses are used extensively throughout The Witcher 3 such as in one contract when tracking a werewolf - its tracks run up a tree, forcing Geralt to find another clue to keep on track; when he finds a tuft of werewolf fur, a scent trail becomes visible to his senses and the hunt resumes.

Another example is a contract that has the player looking for a leshen. Knowing that crows serve leshens, Geralt focuses his senses and follows the sound of crows to the leshen's totem.

Journal Entry

  • Tracks and clues: When you find tracks or other clues, walk close, then press [E] to examine them.
  • Witcher Senses: Hold the right mouse button to use your Witcher Senses.
  • Witcher Senses – Important Objects: When you activate your Witcher Senses, objects of interest will be marked and highlighted in a brighter color.
    You can also locate the source of noises (shown as visible sound waves). When you turn toward the source, you will be able to hear the noise better.
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