Witcher medallion

The Witchers' medallion is a silver symbol of the witchers' profession. It's sensitive to magic, vibrating and tugging on its chain when spells are being cast or magical beings, like genies, are present. This magic medallion shaped like a wolf's head is given to every young witcher candidate who has passed the Trial of the Grasses. The origin of the first medallions is unknown, though it is assumed they were made in the magic forge at Kaer Morhen. The medallions vibrate in response to magic in all its forms, including curses, charms and spells. They also warn of lurking monsters born of magic or magic experimentation.


  • According to Geralt in the short story A Grain of Truth, no monster can touch a witcher's medallion.
  • In The Voice of Reason, part 4, Geralt says it's "the Sign of the Wolf's School".
  • A keychain in the shape of the wolf's head came with the game in some versions.

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Medallion tuned to detect monsters

In The Witcher, Geralt's witcher medallion can be tuned to detect either monsters or magic. This particular screen can be found while Geralt is meditating, by clicking on the Inventory icon.

If the medallion is tuned to detect monsters, then it will begin to vibrate whenever a monster is near. When the monster is very close, there will be a red haze around the left side of the screen as well and the medallion will vibrate quite violently.

If the medallion is tuned to detect magic, then it will vibrate in the same manner when in proximity to Places of Power. {clear}}

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