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As part of week 5's DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, we now have a Scavenger Hunt for the Wolf School Gear. It was released on the 18th of June 2015. It was what many players of the game wished to see introduced, as all other Witcher schools got their own armor set. The set includes chest armor, steel and silver swords, gauntlets, boots, and trousers, all of which are upgradeable.

The armor style is very similar to that of Eskel's and that of other Witchers of the School of the Wolf - layered jackets made of leather and reinforced with metal studs/rivets. Mastercrafted and Grandmaster versions further reinforce the outer jacket with panels of mail armor and metal spaulders on the shoulders.

Due to the Basic Mastercrafted Wolf sets being downloadable content, the Grandmaster equipment added in Blood and Wine expansion doesn't require the Masterwork versions for it to be made like the Griffin, Bear, and Cat School Grandmaster equipment.

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