Tw3 workbench

Workbench of the Armorer in Midcopse

Workbenches, aka Armorer's tables, grant your gear increased armor for a limited duration. They can typically be found where there are blacksmiths or armorers, but the presence of these craftsmen is not strictly necessary.

Workbenches add 20% to armor index for 15 minutes. This effect can be made permanent by enchanting your weapon with the Preservation runeword.

Description Tw3 icon workbench Edit

Workbenches and sharpening stones can be found next to some smiths. You can use these to provide temporary boosts to their effectiveness. Workbenches and sharpening stones are indicated on your maps once you pass near them. This is where to go to get a boost before a tough fight.[1]

Locations Edit

White Orchard Edit

Pontar (Velen and Novigrad) Edit

Skellige Islands Edit

Kaer Morhen Edit

  • 1 workbench inside the keep

Toussaint Edit

References Edit

  1. The official Prima game guide
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