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The Workshop is located East of John Natalis Square, in the Trade Quarter of Vizima (Chapter III). It is the newest weapons factory in all of Temeria, apparently, and produces more weapons than all the swordsmiths combined. However, their motto seems to be "cheap, fast and plenty", rather than quality workmanship. They produce swords, hatchets, armour and arrowheads. For the arbalesters, of course, can not forget them!

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When Geralt first enters the shop, he sees a number of tradesmen busily forging weapons, overseen by their foreman. There is also an alchemist, toiling away at his bench in the back. Being the curious type, the witcher strikes up a conversation with the foreman which proves quite interesting. For instance, he learns that there are competing factions within the royal entourage and that at least one faction is stockpiling weapons.

The Alchemist is also interesting to talk to, if a bit abrupt in his manner. He is a snob about alchemy, which he considers superstitious rubbish and its practitioners, notably Kalkstein, quacks. He thinks of himself as a scholar, not an alchemist. He asserts that science alone will survive the test of time while magic and alchemy will disappear.

Our witcher is never one to let others run down his friends, so he defends his favorite alchemist and in the process manages to convince the "scientist" of the validity of Kalkstein's theories and get a couple of handy books out of the deal: Samum and Secrets of the Southern Masters. He can also trade a Red meteorite for a copy of Zerrikanian Alchemy.


  • Editorial: It is rather funny that the alchemist is labelled as such in the game, he would never call himself that.
  • You will need to have read about and remembered Kalkstein's theories to be able to convince the Alchemist of their validity, to receive the books. Try these dialogue options (You can try again if you get it wrong):
    • "denies ... co-dependent"
    • "secondary ... of themselves"
    • "attach and detach"
    • "golem" or the funnier "impress ladies"
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