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* [ Russian maps]
* [ Russian maps]
* Ortelius (Polish) maps:
* Ortelius (Polish) maps:
** [ New version of Ortelius Map]
** [ New version of Ortelius Map]
** [ New version od Ortelius Map with Mboro's heraldry]

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World map

World map in The Witcher computer game

Tw2 Map

World map in The Witcher 2

The world maps provided with the original game and sequel and on this site was based on a very good, but imperfect fan-created map. This hand drawn map (mapa świata, in Polish) was then used by CD Projekt to create the lovely image provided but the errors were transcribed onto the final image. In particular, there are known errors in the north and with some battle sites.

Known map errors

Geographic borders

A discussion of the exact geographic borders and other locations can be found on this page.

Other maps

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