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The Wozgor were an ancient ethnic group that settled on the Continent before Nordlings. According to Arnelius Grock's accepted classification, they were human.


Although much of their nature remains a mystery,[1] it's said the Wozgor resembled Nordlings. However, they were easily distinguished by beards, skin clothing, and an overall dirty appearance.[2] Like other contemporary human tribes, they were nomadic.[3]


Lilit, the goddess of war


The Wozgor had their own language and runes. Few writings survive on the tombstones in their necropolises and continue to be studied. Notably, Eltibald examined a decent amount in his investigations into the curse of the Black Sun.[3]


The Wozgor prayed to deities similar to Coram Agh Tera, Veyopatis, and Melitele,[4] a goddess of harvest and fertility, a guardian of farmers and gardeners and a patroness of love and marriage.[3] However, the primary figure in the Wozgor beliefs was the goddess of war Lilit. According to tales, they used to offer her blood sacrifices. The Wozgor believed themselves to be her chosen followers who would survive her return and the massacre of unfaithful.[2]


Alongside the Dauk, the Wozgor are seen among the earliest humans on the Continent. Founding settlements right after the Conjunction of the Spheres, the Wozgor settled the area between the Dragon Mountains and the Gulf of Praxeda where now lie Narok, Talgar, Hengfors League, Gelibol, the Nimnar valley and even Velhad[4] in the snowy Far North.[5] More south, they colonized Mag Turga and Geso.[2]

They rarely ever engaged the nonhumans.[6] Scholars speculate there could have been wars between the Wozgor and werebbubbs, as it would explain why werebbubbs regard Lilit as the devil. When Nordling kings began forging their realms, most of the Wozgor were killed. A fraction escaped to the East, bringing the cult of Lilit along and merging with locals.[2] The rest was likely assimilated, though some historians dispute it.[4]