Xenovox is an item in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that allows two people to communicate over long distances. However, communication is one way in that only one can actually alert the other that they're trying to talk to them. If the one who has the other end tries to talk into it, the first person won't hear them unless they happen to be listening for it.

Keira Metz gives this item to Geralt of Rivia to better facilitate communication as he investigates Fyke Isle in Velen. It may later be dismantled into iron ore.

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Either I'm goin' crazy, or this bloody powder-box is talkin' to me!
– Klaus Bober, fisherman from Tarn Mira, finder of Rience's xenovox
Xenovox is a relatively simple magical instrument, which usually looks like a little box, casket or richly adorned snuff-box. It is used to communicate over long distances – however, unlike the megascope, which projects an image of the speaker, xenovox carries only his or her voice.
How this contraption might work, I haven't the foggiest idea. Once, driven by curiosity, I took apart a xenovox which belonged to a good friend of mine. Contrary to popular belief, inside I did not find sirens' lips or a gnome with a speaking trumpet, but only dozens of little springs, screws and cogs gleaming with magic – which I was utterly unable to put back together.

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