Yamurlak was a kingdom bounded by Arcsea and the Buina and Braa rivers and has fallen under various jurisdictions throughout its history. It is now part of Redania though it's relationship is unknown.

It was once ruled by Abrad, a secular king known for his anger and cruelty. After the death of Abrad, Jamurlak was annexed by Redania during the reign of Radovid IV.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In Danusia Stok's translation of the short story "The Lesser Evil" in The Last Wish collection, she chose the spelling Yamurlak, rather than the original Polish Jamurlak.
  • In the German translation of this short story Erik Simon chose Jarmulak instead of the original. But in this case it is also possible that it is simply a misspelling by mistake.
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