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Yantra is a village located to the northeast of Novigrad. Its inhabitants are currently having trouble with a local group of bandit led by a werewolf.

Yantra is a great village for animal exploit. The village is inhabited by 8 cows, at least 6 goats, and two bird flocks, chicken and goose respectively.

Map Description[]

The inhabitants of this village are known for their talkativeness and tendancy to exaggerate, which makes them good companions for a round of drink, but impossible to tolerate for long stretches of time'.

Notable People[]

Associated Quests[]


  • On the northeastern outskirts of the village is an easel which is facing a field of haystacks. This may be a reference to Claude Monet, the famous impressionist painter who devoted an entire series to Haystacks.
  • The name of the village can be a reference to Yantar, a territory in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl, in which the ultimate goal is to reach the Wish Granter. The Wish Granter also has caveats regarding the wishes it grants, just like Gaunter O'dimm.