Yarsbor is a port town in Kaedwen, situated in a meander of the Brista river. It profits from selling leathers and furs, excellent meads and beeswax collected in the forest and puting tariffs on rafts with ore from Highgard.

Around 1250s, the town belonged to lord Blothbon but debts to Cianfanelli Bank posed a threat to his authority.

If Blothbon gained access to Woédlaeke: the lord's position was secured and the town became famous for the renowned Blothbon&Cianfanelli Spa situated nearby.
If Blothbon and Martya gained access to Woédlaeke: the lord's position was secured. The town profits from extensive hotels and selling souvenirs for pilgrims visiting the nearby Melitele's sanctuary.
If Blothbon did not gain access to Woédlaeke: the lord's position became only nominal as the control over all the town's workshops and trade was transferred to the Cianfanelli family.


  • Blothbon's keep, the hefty donjon situated atop the hill
  • docks
  • resident mage's tower in the town's centre
  • one large inn and two minor taverns
  • slaughterhouse
  • Cianfanelli's dyeworks
  • Cianfanelli's tannery
  • Cianfanelli's fur works

Municipal Emblems

Coat of arms of the town and its lord is a silver bear pierced with a sword on bloodred shield.[1]


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