Disambig-icon This article is about the character tree in The Witcher. For information about the sign, see Yrden.

Yrden attribute governs the use of the sign. There are five basic levels, each with a selection of attributes, and five levels of special attack (Student, Apprentice, Specialist, Expert, and Master). The full Yrden attribute tree can be found below.

Attribute tree

Click on any of the attributes below for a more complete description or scroll down to see each level.

StudentYrden (level 1)Pain SignApprenticeYrden (level 2)ProwessInscriptionsSpecialistYrden (level 3)Stupor SignCrippling SignExpertYrden (level 4)Blinding SignAdded EfficiencyMasterYrden (level 5)Circle of DeathCharDev Yrden

Talent bronze Level One

CharDev Yrden 1

Yrden (level 1)

CharDev Yrden 1 1

Pain Sign

CharDev Yrden student


Talent bronze Level Two

CharDev Yrden 2

Yrden (level 2)

CharDev Yrden 2 1


CharDev Yrden 2 2


  • Charges + 5

CharDev Yrden apprentice


Talent silver Level Three

CharDev Yrden 3

Yrden (level 3)

CharDev Yrden 3 1

Stupor Sign

  • Reduces opponents' ability to Attack and Dodge

CharDev Yrden 3 2

Crippling Sign

CharDev Yrden specialist


Talent silver Level Four

CharDev Yrden 4

Yrden (level 4)

CharDev Yrden 4 1

Blinding Sign

CharDev Yrden 4 2

Added Efficiency

CharDev Yrden expert


Talent gold Level Five

CharDev Yrden 5

Yrden (level 5)

CharDev Yrden 5 1

Circle of Death

CharDev Yrden master


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