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Yurga was a modest merchant from Lower Sodden. He had a wife called Goldencheeks and together they had two strong sons, Nadbor and Sulik.

Yurga first met the witcher Geralt on a bridge in Mealybug Moors, near the Ysgith marshes. Initially it was the witcher who saved the merchant from a predicament, but the tables were soon turned when Geralt was injured in the ensuing fight. Yurga and his two servants, Pokvit and Vell, returned the favor and escorted Geralt to a healer.

After the witcher's wounds were healed, the group headed back to Yurga's home together. Upon arrival, Yurga's wife Goldencheeks informed her husband that she had taking in an orphan of the First Northern War from the druids of Angren. It turned out that this child was none other than Geralt's destiny, Ciri.

Several years later, Geralt visited the jurists Codringher and Jacob Fenn in Dorian, Temeria. There, Codringher mentioned that a peasant family in Riverdell, possibly Yurga's, were murdered by Rience in his search for Ciri.

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