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Yurga was a merchant who helped Geralt of Rivia out after Geralt was bitten by a ghoul while defending him.


Saving the Butcher of Blaviken[]

Yurga crossed paths with witcher Geralt of Rivia, who he referred to as butcher, while giving the deceased Cintrans a proper burial after their camp was attacked by Nilfgaard. Geralt sensed danger and advised the man to leave the grounds. Instead, Yurga stayed to ensure the bodies were properly laid to rest. In doing so, he was attacked by ghouls, who emerged from the ground beneath his feet. Luckily, Geralt returned to save Yurga, but was bitten in the process of slaying the creatures. The bite took effect almost instantly, and Geralt passed out.

Yurga traveled through the woods of Sodden with Geralt going in and out of consciousness on the back of his carriage. The ghoul bite made him delirious, but he was still alive. Geralt awakened on the back of Yurga's carriage. He inquired about the nearby explosions. Yurga informed him that Nilfgaard was attacking Sodden. Geralt then drank a black elixir from his bag and poured some on his wound. He requested that Yurga take him to the Blue Mountains, where someone would be able to save him.

Yurga stopped to allow the horses to rest, laying Geralt up against a tree. Geralt awakened from his sleep, asking Yurga where the woman went, but there wasn't one. He then asked how far was Yurga's house from Sodden, to which he replied an hour on a swift enough horse. Geralt hopped on the back of Yurga's carriage headed for Sodden. While Yurga's couldn't repay Geralt for saving his life, he could offer him the Law of Surprise.

Yurga arrived home with Geralt on his back carriage. Zola, his wife, told Yurga how she met an orphan girl in the woods nearby. Hearing Yurga's conversation with his wife reminded Geralt of Renfri telling him to find the "girl in the woods." Geralt jumped off the back off the carriage and into the woods.[1]


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