Yustianna Disturbed is an unmarked secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

Head to Yustianna's Grotto in northern Ard Skellig and after you enter the cave, take the right path to eventually overhear some bandits talking in a central chamber. Note: if you take the left path and use The Eye of Nehaleni, you won't get the option to converse with the bandits like outlined below.

While initially marked as friendly, if you get close one of them will all but threaten you and you can either do the following:

  • pay him 150 Oren3
  • cast Axii (Requires Delusion level 2, earning 35 Tw3 icon xp)
  • attack them

If you choose any but the last one, you'll be transported back to the area at the entrance of the cave. If you chose to attack them (or head back after paying or using Axii) they'll become hostile and you must kill all 4 of them off if you wish to explore the central chamber.

Whatever you choose, the quest will finish. If you attacked the bandits, you can further explore the main area to find the Highwaymen's journal on one of the bandits along with the steel sword Ard'aenye in one of the chests. Many of the other chests can also contain random diagrams and other possible relic swords.

If you also have the Eye of Nehaleni, you can further explore the other hidden part of the cave for a few more lootable crates.

Journal entry Edit

This quest has no journal entry.

Objectives Edit

This quest has no journal objectives.

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