Zangvebar, also spelled Zangwebar or Zanguebar, is a country found beyond the seas, right next to Ofir and south of the Nilfgaardian Empire.


Zangvebar lies down off the Continent's southern edge,[1] although some Nordling scholars like Markus Hohlenberg think it's the same landmass connected by an isthmus of deserts and savannas.[2] Its landscape varies from wastes[3] to thick forests with mimosa trees.[4]


Weather here is tropical, creating an ideal environment for animals like renowned striped horses[4] or carrion-eating hyenas.[5] The forest wastes of Zangvebar are also home to the cynocephali.[4]


The Zangvebari are primarily a trade nation.[6] They are often seen in Nordling ports engaged in the commerce. They sell various products including mimosa bark[4] or even the enslaved cynocephali. The cynocephali are also often engraved on Zangvebarian clocks and compasses.[3]

Some Nilfgaardians tend to see Zangvebarians as barbarians no different than Zerrikanians or Nordlings. For example, Ardal aep Dahy mockingly suggested that if the Emperor couldn't find Ciri, he may as well present an empress of Zerrikanian or Zangvebarian origin.[7]

Notable People


  • Zangvebar and Zanguebar are old names for Zanzibar, a vast trade center where local Bantu and Swahili cultures crossed with Arabic, Persian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, and European since antiquity.


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