Zdenek was an aging champion of fistfighting, considered the world's best boxer throughout Temeria due to never being defeated twice in a row. However, when he went to enter Whoreson Junior's arena in Novigrad in 1272, he was murdered by thugs just outside the arena.


Little is known about his past. "Zdenek" was his pseudonym but he kept his real name a secret. During 1270, Zdenek could be found in the southernmost refugee cave in the swamp cemetery, keeping his fistfights to the privacy of his own chamber in the cave. One of his biggest fans was Zahin Schmartz, who would pay 250Items Oren for Zdenek's tooth.

After leaving Vizima he went to Flotsam where became champion soon enough. He also slightly changed his appearance by shaving his head.

In 1272 he ended up in Novigrad where he was murdered by thugs near The Nowhere Inn on his way to join fistfights in Whoreson Junior's arena.

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