The Witcher

"Assassins from the sect known as the Zerrikanian Sun use this flash bomb to cover their escape after they eliminate a target. Sentries and guards blinded by the flash are more likely to attack each other than their opponent. The sect trains its assassins to close their eyes instinctively at the moment of detonation; witchers need not do this as their mutated pupils automatically narrow in response to the explosion."

Upon detonation, this bomb releases a flash of light, blinding all nearby opponents.


The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

The formula for this bomb must be acquired before it can be crafted.

Journal entry

The explosion of the Zerrikanian Sun is so abrupt and bright that it instantly, though temporarily, blinds anyone who glances at it. Foes thus blinded become easy prey for the witcher.
This bomb is ineffective against monsters that cannot be blinded.
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