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"Zoltan and his company swore obscenely and often and the parrot, Field Marshal Duda, had an even richer repertoire. They sang bawdy songs, valiantly supported by Dandelion. They spat, blew their noses in their fingers and farted loudly, which was usually followed by laughter, jokes and competitions. They only took the trouble to go deep into the bushes for larger commissions, and for lighter ones, they did not bother to go that far."

When the Second Northern War erupted, the dwarves Zoltan Chivay, Munro Bruys, Caleb Stratton, Yazon Varda and Figgis Merluzzo, along with a gnome named Percival Schuttenbach and a green parrot named Field Marshal Windbag, formed a gang to escape from the enemy front and reach Sodden, passing through the Turlough Hills, the river Chotla and the Ina. During their trip, they met some refugees from Kernow (only women and children), and they decided to help them and travel with them.

Later, the gang met with Geralt, Dandelion, and Milva, who were traveling to the south toward Nilfgaard, in order to find Ciri in the City of Golden Towers. Although Zoltan Chivay and his mates remained very stunned by their suicidal intentions, they decided to travel together to the Ina, since the route was more or less the same.

On the Ina, the company was attacked by Nilfgaardian soldiers of the 7th Daerlan Brigade and parted with Geralt and the others. While trying to escape, Caleb Stratton remained killed and was then buried by his mates under a birch. Some weeks later, Geralt, Milva, Dandelion, Regis and Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach, who recently joined Geralt's company, met again with the dwarves near Ysgith in Angren.

In the end, Geralt's company and the dwarves decided to part: Zoltan told Geralt that he and his mates were returning to Mahakam, so he gave his Sihil go the witcher as a gift. Before definitely separating, Zoltan revealed that in Dillingen they robbed and probably killed an old and rich Havekar and buried his goods near the "O" river, which they planned one day to collect.[1]

The company later took part in the Battle of Brenna in the Mahakam Volunteer Army, alongside with Yarpen Zigrin, Dennis Cranmer and Barclay Els. In the end, when Field Marshal Menno Coehoorn was trying to escape from the battlefield, mistaking him for a member of the 7th Daerlan Brigade, Zoltan Chivay and his company avenged Caleb Stratton by killing him.[2]



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