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Zuetzer Castle was once home to Count von Bourmann and his family in Redania. However, after the death of his only child and daughter, Anastasia, it fell into disrepair and all that remains are the ruins of the castle.

It is located south of Upper Mill and northwest of Kilkerinn Ruins and was used as a camp by a group of Fallen Knights led by Ernst Goltz in 1272.

Map Description[]

It is hard to say anything about Zuetzer Castle without mentioning the tragic death of Anastasia von Bourmann. Once one of the most powerful magnates in Redania, Count von Bourmann retreated from public life after the loss of his only child and never left his family manor to the very end of his days. Currently Zuetzer Castle is but a decaying ruin haunted by a sad past.

Associated Quest[]


  • If one investigates Arnskrone Castle Ruins, it's revealed that Count Romilly killed Anastasia when his kidnapping scheme went wrong. He intended to hold her for ransom, but soon after his own castle came under attack by the woods themselves and he soon discovered she'd been marked by a leshen and so he killed her, hoping that would put an end to the attacks.