Zula was a Temerian woman who lived in Midcopse before being killed in the year 1272 by Bokhai, who appeared to be jealous that she didn't want to be with him.


Zula has been in a relationship with Ontan, but this didn't appear to stop another villager, Bokhai, from trying to persuade her to be with him instead. However, his unwanted advances scared Zula to the point she felt the only way to get away from Bokhai was for her and Ontan to run away together. Unfortunately, Bokhai learned of this and ran after them, stabbing and killing Zula. Due to how she died, Zula became a nightwraith known as Jenny o' the Woods.[1]

If Geralt helps deal with the wraith: Geralt, using the dagger that killed Zula, was able to summon the wraith and kill her off, removing the curse and the wraith from the fields.

Associated quest


  1. Letter found in a grave
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